Advanced PQ Recorder PM4000




Highly commended in the Electrical Industry Awards 2009, the Power Master 4000 is a user-friendly, comprehensive, compact, and cost-effective 3 phase power quality monitoring and trouble-shooting unit.

It offers virtually everything needed for power quality monitoring and analyzing for power for surveys and audits. It includes 4 voltage input channels capable for measuring 0 to 600 Vac and 4 current input channels for use with voltage output current clamps, or Rogowski Coil sensors supplied. Twelve pre-stored connection configurations are set for 3 phase, 2 phase and single phase measurements. Users can also configure their own set-up and math calculation requirements and save them to non-volatile memory.

The PM4000 3 Phase Power Monitor complements the Adaptive Store function with intelligent Waveform Capture. This real-time, auto-ranking mechanism is able to track and rank multiple categories of transient and other problem event types. It discards smaller events when larger ones occur, which means the best, most revealing events are captured without any prior knowledge of what might happen – and without wasting store, and without any re-arming time. This makes the whole waveform capture process sensitive/generous/sensible, abstemious and efficient instead of profligate – so data transfer, storage and search times are minimized. Like the benefits of Adaptive Store, these are also achieved without setting any thresholds!

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Key features include:

  • Cat IV 600V Phase A powered Power Quality Analyzer.

  • Flicker measurements to IEC61000-4-15: Instantaneous Flicker Sensation,Short Term and Long Term Flicker Perceptibility for voltage flicker and current flicker.

  • Single Cycle Adaptive Storage™ recording process provides extremely high resolution over long recording periods.

  • 32 troubleshooting channels with single cycle detail.

  • Auto-Ranking Waveform Capture: High speed waveform capture ranked for disturbance severity, 7 types of disturbance captured: Transients, falls (sags), rises (surges), rings, notches, THD, Total Harmonic Value. No thresholds need to be set.

  • Bi-color, status LEDs, externally visible, show recording/memory/voltage/power conditions.

  • Bluetooth, ethernet, USB, USB Flash Drive connectivity.

  • Comes with Pronto for Windows software, a highly regarded data recovery and analysis package.New! Hook-Up Checklist with photos and reference vector diagrams to give confidence of correct hook-up whether 1st or 101st time of using the unit. 3 versions are available to distinguish between European Union, USA and Asian (Australasian) phase colors. (NB these checklists will open in a new window.) New! Configuration Guide lists in detail the 12 pre-stored configurations in the logger and shows how to set-up the PM7000 to get live recording in just 15 minutes.